Valentine’s Day

I thought I would share with everyone what we at for Valentine’s Day this year. First I should say that I took the day off from work to spend it with my family. I had planned a few things to do, but weather would not allow. No worries though. It was nice to get an extra day at home. Love long weekends.

For breakfast I made our Oven Baked Zucchini Hash. And had leftovers pancakes.

For Lunch we just had simple leftovers. I ate some salmon while Nolan and Jamie ate some leftover Zucchini Hash.

For a little appetizer I made  up some chocolate ganache

4 oz 70% dark chocolate, finely chopped
1 cup coconut milk

Place the chocolate in a bowl. Heat the coconut milk in a saucepan over medium heat just until it simmers. Remove from the stove and pour the warm coconut milk over the chocolate, whisking vigorously until the chocolate is melted and the coconut milk is combined. The ganache will take on a silky texture and finish when it’s done.

To use as a fondue, simply transfer the ganache to a bowl and dip in your favorite fruits or nuts.

To use as a glaze, pour directly over your ingredients and chill before serving.

To use as frosting, place the ganache in the fridge for about an hour or place in the freezer for about 1/2 hour. Remove and whip with a hand mixer until fluffy. Spread over cake or cookies.

To make truffles, chill until hard enough to handle, then roll into 1″ balls and dust with cocoa powder.

Source: Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts

For dinner we made a London Broil. It was so good.
We also had a side salad with avocado and balsamic vinegar and olive oil for the dressing.

Now for dessert we had the best Raspberry Torte with Raspberry Coulis. And I am not a fruity kind of dessert person. I like chocolate, but this was so good we all had seconds. I did mess the dessert up a little. I left the oven on broil Ooops. But it still tasted so good.

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone. And give all your loved ones an extra hug tonight because they are totally worth it.

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