A week in our Household

I know transitioning to the Paleo lifestyle can be a little difficult so I thought I would share a whole week of eating with you. In the post you will see what our family members ate in a week. I won’t change our eating habits to look better than they usually are. I am fine with the way we eat and believe we are doing the best we can.

Breakfast: Eggs with left over sweet potatoes and ground beef with a side of pear.

Lunch: Jamie had leftover cabbage and brussel sprouts with an egg, avocado and some sauerkraut
Kyle had a huge salad with avocado and turkey. Our usual dressing is olive oil and balsamic vinegar with a little ground pepper.
Nolan had leftover taco meat and an orange.

Snack: we went on a hike so we brought some snacks for afterword. Jerky and an apple.

Dinner: Burger and sweet potato fries.

Dessert: Coconut Milk ice cream and a piece of dark chocolate.

Breakfast: Ham steaks, eggs with avocado and sauerkraut.
Nolan our son was still hungry so we gave him some applesauce too.

Lunch: Jamie was craving waffles so I made a batch and we had leftover ham from breakfast.

Dinner: Jamie and I had a date night so we went to Ipanema in Seattle. It was great. Its all you can eat and it is Rodizio style. So the 15 different kinds of meats they had are put on huge skewers and cook over fire. Pretty primal. They also have a salad bar, but who wants to fill up on that.

Breakfast: I had leftover burgers while Jamie and Nolan had leftover waffles.

Snack: We were running around town a little so we shared a few snacks. Banana an apple and some beef jerky.

Lunch: We had steak salads while Nolan ate some leftover burgers.

Dinner: Lasagna. I did modify the recipe a little. I only had ground beef on hand, so I used that instead of lamb. I also didn’t use any cheese and added olives, mushrooms, and instead of cinnamon and allspice I used Salt n Pepper, basil, thyme, oregano and a little cayenne to spice it up. I would also recommend using more eggplant and zucchini. I have made many Paleo type lasagna’s before and this one was probably the best. The reason being, it wasn’t really soupy.

Breakfast: Eggs, bacon and ham with sauerkraut.

Snack: Smoothie. I make a smoothie a few times a week because I need a really large breakfast and this is tough when you have to cook a meal in the morning. I use Coconut milk, water, berries, a banana and ice. Really simple. I usually eat this around 9. I want to do my workout at 11 and don’t want to be full, but also don’t want to be starving. I am taking Art De Vany’s advice and doing my workouts on a pretty empty stomach. I will let you know how that goes.

Lunch: Leftover lasagna.

Mid afternoon snack: Jerky and an apple. I am trying to stay away from apples. I eat way to many of them. Also this is a little TMI but they bug my stomach. Gas.

Dinner: Curry. I cut up everything the night before so I just added it to the slow cooker the next morning. I used stew beef instead of chicken and made the mistake of using Penzy’s Curry powder instead of my usual spices. Big mistake. I would highly recommend NOT buying Penzy’s curry powder. We were still hungry since we didn’t finish the curry so we all ate a couple of eggs.

Breakfast: Eggs, bacon, sauerkraut, turkey and avocado.

Snack: another smoothie

Lunch: Leftover curry. I tried fixing this horrible meal by adding my regular spices but that failed. So I ate the meal but was still hungry so I walked down to the local grocery store and got some pepperoni and a large avocado.

Dinner: Prosciutto wrapped chicken. We took a recipe out of a regular cook book and substituted things like Milk with coconut milk. I thought the meal was fine but the rest of the family thought it was a little bland. Guess we won’t be making that again.

Breakfast: Eggs, bacon, avocado and pepperoni

Snack: Smoothie

Lunch: Prosciutto wrapped chicken

Snack: Jerky

Dinner: Meat Muffins and salad.

Breakfast: I was kind of blah this week for breakfast. I bet you can guess what we had. Eggs, bacon and an avocado

Lunch: Chicken, meat muffins and salad

Dinner: Salmon with cauliflower rice an avocado and some sauteed chard

There are also some supplements and things we take during the week.
Pretty much everyday we all take a Vit. D supplement. Lets be honest, we don’t get out much during the week.
We also all take a probiotic and fish oil a few times a week. Nolan takes different supplements that are guided towards children but he also takes a probiotic, vit d and a DHA fish oil.

At night I take a magnesium supplement called Natural Calm to help my fall asleep.

I think this is a pretty complete look at what we eat during a pretty typical week. I do try to eat change up the breakfast a little more, but this type of egg and bacon breakfast does happen a lot because it is quick and easy.

And coffee. We have one cup a coffee everyday with coconut milk. Jamie makes an espresso and I have decaf drip.

We had started a new blog called Family Training Simple, but I am just not able to find the time to update it everyday. So, I figured a big part of us living a healthy Paleo lifestyle is to exercise and be active. Beginning this week I am going to post this weeks workouts.

I am following this program from Harder. Better. Faster. Stronger. I have always been bad with sticking to a program from beginning to end and not changing a few lifts along the way. So, this time I am going to stick with this and report back at the end of every week. I will keep a full log in a booklet so I can keep myself accountable.

Monday 2/21/11

Exercise Option 1
-Dumbbell Squats 3×4 (3 sets x 4 reps) (I did 6 reps for my last set. Need to up the weight next time.
-Dumbbell Bench Press 2×6 (Need to up my weight next time, did 8 reps in the final set)
-Dumbbell Rows 2×8
-Close Grip Chin-ups 1 x max reps
-Diamond Push-ups 2 x max reps

Tuesday 2/22/11

I didn’t follow the second day of my program. I played racquetball instead. I figured this was actually pretty close to what I was supposed to do today, plus it was a blast.

Just in case you were wondering what the workout for the day was supposed to be:

Tuesday: Do a short conditioning workout. Sprint 100 m, do 10 push-ups, rest 1 min. Repeat 8 times. Or do one of these workouts and go home crying.

Wednesday 2/23/11


To be more exact to day is a keep it easy day. I feel like I could have gone to the gym and worked out, but I am trying to stick to the program. And I know how important rest is for your body.

Thursday 2/24/11

Today was another day in the gym lifting weights.

Thursday 2/24/11

Exercise Option 1

Barbell Deadlift (I did these instead of the Dumbbell deadlifts) 3×6

Dumbell Overhead Press 2×6

Dumbell Snatch 5×3 each arm

Hammer Curls 1×12

Tricep Extensions 2×12 I am not really a fan of the awkwardness of these. Never have been. So I finished off with bench dips.

Friday 2/25/11

Was a walking or mobility work day. Really just take it easy.

I went to the gym and played Basketball for about 20 mins.
Then I did some Bear crawls and broad jumps.
Next I did stretches on a foam roller and ended the day with 2 sets of 10 reps of box jumps and reverse lunges.

Kept it pretty simple.

Saturday 2/26/11

I was supposed to play, do an activity I love or do a 5k run. Well I hate to run, but am training for the 5k Warrior Dash. So, I got out there and ran a little over a 5k. I ran about 4 miles and stopped at the local park half way and jogged around the path. Along the way I stopped at the pull-up bar and busted a few out and also did some bench dips.

Sunday 2/27/11

Rest Day. ahhhh

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