Paleo Kids

I really wanted to share this link with you.

Paleo Kids

This is something we deal with in our family. We all eat Paleo. Well for the most part. I won’t throw anyone under a bus. But it is hard sometimes to get your child to eat how you eat. Sarah goes into great detail about her family and how they eat Paleo. I can’t wait to get my copy of her book.

She talks about getting your kids involved in the kitchen. This is something I have always wanted to do, but Nolan gets into everything and I worry about him getting burned or cut. So, a couple of days ago I put him up on a chair and he watched me cook breakfast. He didn’t help much, but its a start. I really hope to get him more involved with stirring things in a pot and what not. (Oh, I am a poet) If he makes a mess it will be OK. No biggie.

Some of the things we do to keep Nolan eating Paleo, is to keep it simple and try not getting up tight when he doesn’t eat something. There are plenty of times when he doesn’t eat what we cook. Or, times when he just wants fruit. The thing is we never give him the big Paleo no no’s. No Sugar, Grains, Legumes etc. He does have dairy and corn chips sometimes from family members, but this is not a huge deal.

I can get uptight about these things, but this is because I know how bad grains, etc are for us. In the end I know a couple chips are not going to kill my son. One thing we do is to keep all the “crap” out of our house. We only buy Paleo type food, so those are his only options. Kids will eat when they are hungry. And if Nolan isn’t hungry at lunch time. He doesn’t have to eat. He will let us know when he is ready to eat.

Just do your best. As long as you are trying to make a difference you are moving in the right direction. Keep it easy.

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