Links of the Week 1

I am going to start sharing some link love. Its not just Paleo or Eco-friendly links. They will just be some links I liked from the week prior. Some will be articles, videos, etc. Just stuff that we like and that you might too.

Chase Jarvis Blog. Photography has always been a hobby of mine. I might not be that good at it sometimes but I still like taking photographs. I sharing this link with you because the project really invokes thought of what kind of impact we are really having on this planet. And the project is beautiful in a strange way.

Wylde on Health. Robb Wolf and Gary Taubes were on a Canadian health show a few weeks back. It is a pretty cool to see the Paleo lifestyle getting more notice.

Barefoot Coconut. Rebecca over at Barefoot Coconut gets into the details of starting your new diet and how to succeed by ridding your house of all your junk, finding healthy options locally and so on.

Practical Paleolithic.  Are you happy? This is a good read. I might have to check out the book he mentions in the article.

Food Dyes. Food dyes are really unnecessary, and dangerous.

Latest In Paleo. This is a great site and Angelo has a really good podcast. I was going to link to specific articles from his podcasts, but there are just to many to choose from. He is really informative. Not just in the world of Paleo but in general health and well being. Great site.

Primal Toad. I tweeted and wrote on my facebook page about how if there was a school lunch ban in my school district I would take my kids out of it. I really think I would. Well Todd over at Primal Toad wrote about this exact ban that just happened in Chicago. I really think people are crazy.

Next post will be Steak with Creamy Mushroom Sauce.
This was so good.

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1 Response to Links of the Week 1

  1. Adam Farrah says:

    Thanks for the mention! Glad you liked the article!


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