Links of the Week 2

EverdayPaleo I will probably link to Sarah’s site on a regular basis. She is a great Paleo leader. I also just received her book the other day. I will be making 5 recipes from it this week and will be doing a review really soon. This post is about a family who has gone Paleo and they shared their story. Its a long read, but worth it. Also, they shared a couple of there favorite recipes and I couldn’t believe it but my Pancake recipe was used. So honored.

Smoking Candy Cigarettes Kurt Harris puts together a great article and the message we are sending. Great read for anyone who feels pressured to eat cake a party or feels awkward saying “No” to someone serving you food. I stick to my guns and eat only what I want to eat. I am sorry if that offends you, but I believe in the way I eat and I don’t want to feel sick later. Also, the biggest thing is, I want to send the right message to my kids.

Eating Paleo in a Non-Paleo World LeanMachineNYC let you know how she deals with being a Paleo eater. Great read.

Kill Your TV Whole9 30 Day Program Whole9 are the creators behind probably the most popular 30 day Paleo Challenge. Now they come at us with a 30 day program for killing your television. Our family will be participating in this challenge which begins May 1st. We have been talking about getting rid of our cable for awhile. One because of cost, but also because we don’t like getting stuck in front of the TV for no reason. Most of these TV shows we watch are pretty pointless. Granted we don’t watch much TV. Maybe an hour a day. So hopefully we will make it the whole 30 days and see what happens after that. I think we will probably just stick to Netflix afterwards.

Extreme Green. I shared a link with you guys in my very first post about purging. Just plain cleaning up the house and getting rid of things that weren’t needed. This Extreme Green link is from the Today show and the same family is featured. It is very inspirational.

Health Begins in the Womb TheHealthySkeptic is a Health Consultant based out of San Francisco. He has a new but great podcast. Has some online classes in the works. His site is a great resource. Check it out.

Why we should stay away from sunscreen. Dr Mercola talks aboAlso, if I am just going out sunscreen and the problems that can arise from using it. Our family stills uses sunscreen a little. I don’t want to get burned, but I have noticed since going Paleo I don’t burn as easily. I believe it has to do with the saturated fat intake. We live in Washington State so sun doesn’t come around often enough. This creates the problem of not being able to build up a base or let our skin get used to the sun. So, we won’t put sunscreen on if we are going out for just a little while, but lets say I am going golfing and it is sunny. I will toss some on. However we do try to stick to sunscreens that are natural and organic. I hope to someday not have to use sunscreen and just be able to toss some clothes and a hat on.

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