Links of the Week 3

I know it has been a few weeks since my last Links of the Week post but here is a new one for ya. I packed it full of some great info. I hope you enjoy it.

I also designed a few shirts that are up on spreadshirt now. Once I sell a few I will be uploading some more designs.

12 Steps Kurt Harris MD over at Archevore has laid it out really simple for you. 12 steps to living a healthier life by removing neolithic agents of disease. Great article.

Robb Wolf with “Shit Fox News Says” I can’t even come up with words to describe the idiocracy that ensues. They are basically trying to say that grain fed beef is better. Some people really are just stupid.

Cleaning around the house. Planet Green lists some great ways to stay green around your house. I hope to get around to more posts on our green and eco-friendly living, but for now here is a great link. I will say that one of the best purchases we have made is our steam cleaner. We (my wife, love you) use it to clean all the floors, the bathrooms including the shower and even my BBQ grill. We also use vinegar and water to clean counter tops etc. Its super easy and economical to clean around your house in a healthy way. We have no issue with our son helping in the cleaning process. Its great.

Another link on healthy cleaning.

A quick list of Immune boosting agents and things that damage immunity. Just a quick list from another Washingtonian.

I was going to keep this a secret, but here it is. I am going to be ordering some liver the next time I order meat. And I will make these and let you guys know how they are.

I have fallen in love with Dr. Tenpenny. She is a huge advocate of question big pharma and the vaccines they try to force into our children. This is a much watch video.

Over at 30 Days of Paleo you get a nice run down of this female bloggers  experience with changing her lifestyle. Great read.

And if you like this shirt check it out at BalancedBites

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2 Responses to Links of the Week 3

  1. Jack Kruse says:

    Hey if you still have the ticket available for the Ancestral Symposium I would like to buy it. Send me an email. Thanks Jack

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