Links of the Week 4

I feel like I have been slacking a little with the new posts. So here is another link love post. There are some great videos and links that you must check out. Some of this will be pretty old but are still great inspiring finds.

A nice little news piece with Mark Sisson.

Are you eating this type of Breakfast? Diane at Balanced Bites takes an approach to the typical American diet that I love and relate to. Check it out.

A very eye opening video.


A testimonial from a 75 year grandmother.

Eco Friendly Home Made Week Killer!

Sean over at Underground Wellness has his first TV show go live. Check it out.

Farmageddon! I am not a dairy consumer, but this trailer shows you the craziness that is the USDA.

How to lose weight and prevent diabetes in 6 minutes a week. by Chris Kresser

Lots of love for Sean at Underground Wellness in this post, but here is some more. Chris Kresser and Sean discuss “The Power of the Mind in Healing” on the Underground Wellness podcast.

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