Super Random Post about Native Uncontaced Tribes

Just a quick little blurb about something I watched today.

This video is very interesting, but at the same time very depressing. I wish we could just leave people alone. I understand the interest, but it is sad to see groups of people leave there way of life.

We have seen this happen over and over again and it just destroys the native people and there culture. Some might believe that they are giving them more opportunity and a better life. But if living a western lifestyle and having to stress out about money and how you are going to pay for all of your pills, does not sound like a better option to me.

I know that might not be what is happening in this video and that what I said may sound extreme.

The fact that we were all native at one point and have completely lost our ways. Kind of defines my point. The path that we are currently on is not working. I think we need to go back to when things were less chaotic and a little simpler.

This next video I also came across today. It is pretty amazing that there still are remote locations like this. The first video looked pretty dated. And I like how they are in planes and don’t have any plans to contact these tribes in Brazil.

Its also pretty cool how the tribe is shown pointing there arrows at the plane.

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